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Investigating the Paranormal

Tony Cornell

Parapsychology Foundation Inc
Tony Cornell has opened his case files and shared the fruits of his more than 50 years of labor and expertise in ghost, hauntings and mediumship research, in Investigating the Paranormal. Cornell's magnum opus not only provides a glimpse into a life's work in psychical research and parapsychology but also serves as a guide to field methodology for today's paranormal investigators. From reports of a ghost inhabiting a college dormitory, to a poltergeist with an affinity for fine antiques, the author shares detailed episodes of an extraordinary career.
Author Bio
Award-winning author and world-renowned authority on psychical research and psychical phenomena Dr. Tony Cornell is the vice chairman and a council member of the Society for Psychical Research, UK, and is also an active member of the CUSPR - Cambridge University Society for Psychical Research. Starting out as a ghost-sceptic, an experience in India provoked a 180 degree turn around and he has devoted his life to investigating claims of psychical phenomena ever since.