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The Scientific Evolution of Psychology

Volumes 1 & 2

J. R. Kantor

814 pages
University of Akron Press
In Volume I, the author describes the career of psychology as one of the sciences that has evolved in Western European culture. The historical naturalistic view of psychology became completely replaced by the transcendental tradition, which still dominates the psychological field. Although psychology has never completely freed itself from its domination by spiritistic doctrines, it has been deeply affected by the rebirth of science since the fifteenth century. The history of modern psychology shows that the mind-body postulates have maintained themselves even after a genuine revival of naturalistic psychology was initiated in the twentieth century. The primary emphasis of Volume II is the progressive influence upon psychology of the flowering of science in Western European culture.
Author Bio
Jacob Robert Kantor (1888-1984) was a prominent systematic psychologist who organized scientific values into a coherent system of psychology. From the interbehavioral perspective, self-actional causes, whether fictional events (e.g., mentalism) or fictional powers attributed to otherwise actual events (brain as cause of behavior), are anathema to the science of psychology. He is the author of a number of books on general logic, psychology, and the logic of science. He has also published numerous articles in scientific journals. Among his publications are The Logic of Modern Science, Psychology and Logic, and The Aim and Progress of Psychology and Other Sciences.