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Back to the Source

30 challenges to be, say and do life the Jesus way...when you are not th

Krish Kandiah Miriam Kandiah

192 pages
SPCK Group
You want to be just like Jesus, because this is the way he made you. Like clay awaits a potter. Like canvas awaits a painter. Our lives long to be shaped by Jesus. But ' to be blunt ' - You are not the Son of God and Saviour of the world - You can't walk on water or heal leprosy - You don't want to give up your home and job, or get killed for your beliefs Yet there is truly hope, because God made you to be like Jesus. Christlike habits, attitudes, passions, disciplines, role-models, visual aids, and real-life examples are offered in Scripture and explored in this book. As you discover and develop these, you will find that your life really does connect with Jesus.
Author Bio
Dr Krish Kandiah is the founding director of Home For Good, a young charity seeking to make a real difference in the lives of vulnerable children by finding loving homes for children in the care system. He is an advocate for fostering and adoption. Dr Kandiah has been published in theTimes of London and The Guardian, and is a regular broadcaster on BBC Radio 4 and Radio 2. He has written 13 books. His Monarch books include:Only the Brave, Back to the Source, Route 66,and Life Swap. Dr Kandiah holds degrees in Chemistry, Missiology and Theology. He lives in Oxfordshire with his wife and 7 children.