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Why Worship?

Insights into the Wonder of Worship

Tim Hughes Nick Drake Liza Hoeksma Edited by Tim Hughes and Nick Drake, with Liza Hoeksma

160 pages
SPCK Group

'My favourite thing about this book is the different perspectives on one main thing... Worship! Reading it provided much clarity on a word that is often misunderstood.'
Guvna B, Rapper, Author & Broadcaster

What does it mean to be a worshipper? Together, Tim Hughes and Nick Drake explore who, where, why and how Christians worship, what happens when we do and where the future of worship may take us.

With contributions from Graham Kendrick, Lou Fellingham, Kees Kraayenoord, Dr Helen Morris and many more, this book offers a fresh reminder that worship isn’t just music and the songs we sing, it is so much more.

The Spring Harvest 2021 theme book, Why Worship? will help you reconnect to the purpose and meaning of worship, so that you can grow closer to God individually and as a church community and get the most out of worship.

Tim Hughes, Nick Drake, Dr John Andrews, Dr Helen Morris, Graham Kendrick, Lou Fellingham, Lyn Weston, Kees Kraayenoord, Noel Robinson, Doug Williams, Dr Darell Johnson.

Author Bio
Liza Hoeksma ============ Liza Hoeksma is a writer who has been involved with Soul Survivor for over ten years. She has co-authored several books including Conspiracy ofthe Insignificant with Patrick Regan, and WorshipEvangelismJustice withMike Pilavachi.