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The Prayer Experiment Notebook

Miranda Threlfall-Holmes Mina Munns

112 pages
SPCK Group

Prayer isn't just about closing your eyes and putting your hands together - there are many, many other ways to pray as well.

The Prayer Experiment Notebook is an exciting, interactive children's prayer book filled with fun and creative ways to introduce 8- to 12-year-olds to prayer. Children will love the exciting range of prayer activities - including play dough prayers, Lego prayers, bubble wrap prayers and many more - which will help them learn what it means to pray and show them how anything can be used to pray and to talk to God.

With space for kids to write down their own thoughts and notes, and sections for group and individual use, this is also a great tool for parents, Sunday School teachers and youth workers looking for fresh ways to engage with children about prayer.

Tested and enthusiastically approved by children, The Prayer Experiment Notebook is the perfect prayer book to get kids excited about praying.

Author Bio

Miranda Threlfall Holmes is a vicar based in Durham. She is the author of several books, including The Little Book of Prayer Experiments and The Teenage Prayer Experiment Notebook for adults and teenagers who also need to get a little creative with their prayer lives.

Mina Munns is a curate who runs Flame: Creative Children's Ministry, a blog filled with creative and practical ideas for children's ministry at Church and at home. She has previously worked as a primary school teacher and church children's worker.