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Winning With the Right KPIs

Peter Geelen

176 pages
Management Impact Publishing

A common pitfall for organisations is that they – albeit often unknowingly and with the best intentions – create barriers for a successful execution of their strategy by implementing Key Performance Indicators (or KPIs). This comes at the expense of customers and fixing the mistakes takes a lot of time, effort, and money. KPIs don't generate the desired performance improvement and the daily delusions continue to rule the organisation. But working with KPIs can have a different result.

In Winning With the Right KPIs, iPM founder and former Performance Manager at Philip, Peter Geelen shares practical insights to use KPIs effectively and describes an innovative approach that has been battle-tested and proven successfully in practice. You learn how to set up KPIs that really do improve collaboration, customer value and customer service, and give you buttons you can truly press to realise the ambitions, goals, and dreams of your organisation.

Author Bio
Peter Geelen is the founder of the integral Performance Management® method. Peter worked on Performance Management for Philips and worked with and for Cor Boonstra, Jan Hommen, and Gerard Kleisterlee, among others. Peter wanted to break through island thinking in organisations at all costs, and he designed and developed the iPM method and perfected it over the last fifteen years into a successful method and consultancy agency iPM Partners. Peter is the author of several books and many publications on Performance Management. He is a guest lecturer at Maastricht University, speaker, and sparring partner for management teams and organisations. He still cares about the results of his customers.