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Parenting in Planned Lesbian Families

Henny Bos

120 pages
Amsterdam University Press
This thesis reports on a study on lesbian families in which the children were born to the lesbian relationship (planned lesbian families). How strong is the desire of lesbian mothers to have a child, and what are their motivations? How do lesbian mothers experience parenthood? What do they strive for in child rearing? How do they experience the relationship with their partner, and do they feel supported by others? What is the quality of the parent-child relationship in lesbian families? Do lesbian mothers feel rejected, and if so, does this have a negative impact on their role as a parent, and does it negatively influence child adjustment? All these questions are examined in ‘Parenting in Planned Lesbian Families’, this by studying 100 two-mother families and compare them with 100 heterosexual families. It is the largest study on planned lesbian families to date.
Author Bio
After graduating in Educational Sciences from Utrecht University, Henny Bos (1963) worked under the supervision of Theo Sandfort as a research assistant and junior researcher at the Department of Gay and Lesbian Studies at Utrecht University and the Rutger NISSO Group. The past four years, she was employed at the Department of Education of the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Science of the University of Amsterdam, where she carried out her PhD research on parenting in lesbian families, under the supervision of Dymph van den Boom and Frank van Balen. The research was funded by the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO).