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Bude Bett Bargeld/Licht Unserer Tage Ruhrtriennale 2016

96 pages
Distanz Verlag Gmbh Llc
For 2016, Ruhrtriennale, the arts festival in the Ruhr metropolitan region, has put the promotion of young photography artists on the agenda. As part of the mentoring program Campustriennale Exhibition, the renowned photographers Daniel Josefsohn and Julian Röder will each spend several weeks in the area to teach a photography master class. Guided by the two star photographers, four young photography artists will realize new works and hone their visual language. The pictures to be created during the project will examine the visual characteristics of the Ruhr district and present individual perspectives on its polycentric urban reality. They will be presented online and at the Ruhrtriennale venues and published in this book. Its double title quotes the headlines of the two master classes—"PAD BED CASH" and "Light of Our Days"—all four participants will take. Neither class takes priority over the other, and so the book can be read from either side.