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Olaf Holzapfel / Sebastián Preece: Housing in Amplitude

176 pages
Distanz Verlag Gmbh Llc
The vast Patagonian landscapes of southern Chile and the alterations wrought by its settlers are the subject of this book. The German artist Olaf Holzapfel (b. Görlitz, 1969; lives and works in Berlin) and the Chilean artist Sebastián Preece (b. Santiago de Chile, 1972; lives and works in Santiago de Chile) took up temporary residence in the area’s vast and indeterminate spaces unconstrained by any natural or property boundaries. They studied life in the extreme south of Chile in several site-specific projects, building wooden gates, fences, shelters, and houses that proved flexible and minimalist basic structures for the conquest of space. They developed the installations with farmers in the region around Aysén, using local tools and working in a variety of techniques and building styles. A transitional situation results in which actions, labor, routes, and communication define the content of space. With texts by Francisco Brugnoli, Paz Guevara, and an extensive essay by Gustavo Boldrini Pardos on the history of settlement in Patagonia.