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Tango Red Riding Hood

32 pages
Gnome Road Publishing

A 2024 Anna Dewdney Read-Together Award Honor Book

An irresistible rhythm tugs at Moni's heart as she dances down the path to la casa de Abuela. But Moni's corazón skips a beat when she spies a strange set of ears - setting her own orejas on alert. Lobo must be near!

In this modern interpretation of a classic fairytale, readers tango along with Moni as she sways to the music that follows her through the woods. In a clearing, Moni stumbles upon Lobo . . . playing a bandoneón? Moni can't help from tap-tap-tapping to the tune, but when the music ends, Moni's pace turns from tango to milanga after Lobo says he ate Abuela. Readers are certain to be both surprised and relieved when they learn Abuela is alive and well, and waiting on another guest - her amigo, Lobo.

With a humorous twist that highlights a misunderstanding in two languages, Tango Red Riding Hood delivers a fresh take on the original story's theme and beloved characters. Bold, bright illustrations capture the magic and mood of each scene, inviting readers to savor every step of Moni's adventure. It will be a welcome addition to classrooms, libraries and bedside bookshelves everywhere!

Author Bio

Rachel Hobbs was born in the United States to a Californian father and an Argentine mother. She grew up with a love of languages and music and received her Bachelor of Arts in Spanish with a minor in music. This is her debut picture book and is a blend of her cultures. She also enjoys volunteering and working with children, in addition to raising her own three kids near Monterey, California. Connect with Rachel at https://twitter.com/RachelHobbsGunn.

Carolina Vázquez studied Illustration Design at Palermo University in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She started taking drawing classes at the age of thirteen and has been doing freelance work since 2019. She enjoys creating magical, nature-themed illustrations and working with color and light to create a sense of atmosphere in her work. Along with creating art, Carolina enjoys swimming, reading novels and watching animated movies, which greatly inspire her work. Connect with Carolina at https://www.instagram.com/carov_art/.