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The Journey from Jacob to Israel

Walter C. Kaiser

104 pages
Messianic Jewish Pub & Res Llc
Jacob, the grandson of Abraham and the second-born son of Isaac, becomes the father of the twelve tribes of Israel. Even though Jacob’s faith shines through the Genesis narratives, yet his life is a narrative of conflict, one in which he always seems to be running from someone or something – such as from his brother Esau, his wife’s brother Laban, or from the famine in Canaan. Thus, his life was often peppered with rebellion, one in which he escaped from one situation only to find himself in another trial.
Author Bio
Walter C. Kaiser graduated from Wheaton College and Graduate School, obtaining his Ph.D. at Brandeis University. He then taught at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School where he served as vice president and academic dean from 1980 to 1992. In 1993 he moved to Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, where he was a professor of Old Testament and spent many months of the year teaching internationally. He became president of Gordon-Conwell in 1997 and retired in 2006. He is currently President Emeritus and Distinguished Professor of Old Testament and Ethics and lives on a farm in Wisconsin with his wife, Nancy.