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The Moon is My Favorite Color

32 pages
Bookpress Publishing
When a little girl thinks outside the (Crayola) box, she opens herself up to a world of new colors. In doing so she finds a new way of seeing the Moon - and life. She shows us how with a little imagination and time, we can all expand our views.
Author Bio
Jill Woodward has been an artist since childhood. She is an oil painter, who specializes in painting children’s portraits. Jill regularly exhibits her paintings in shows and galleries. She dedicates her free time to bringing art into her local community and enjoys creating art-focused events that engage creatives of all ages. She lives with her husband, Dennis and dog, Frida, in Dallas Center, Iowa. She has three grown children; John, Ellen and Charles.Alison Van De Pol is a Human Design Specialist, Holistic Health, and Registered Nurse. She is a serial learner who loves her sauna, family walks, and all things spiritual. She lives in a small midwestern town with her husband and children. The Moon is her first book and part of her #surrenderstory.