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Life of Favor

A Family Therapist Examines the Story of Joseph and His Brothers

Russ Resnik

212 pages
Messianic Jewish Pub & Res Llc
Favor is an inherent part of God s reality as Father, and properly understood, is a source of blessing to those who want to know him. The story of Jacob s sons points to a life of favor that can make a difference in our lives today. This is not a how-to book with easy steps to overcome depression, anxiety and addictions which are sweeping through our culture. Instead, it s a visionary book that looks deeply into this amazing story and helps us reimagine our own stories. Reading the ancient story of Joseph and his brothers from a family-dynamics perspective provides rich insights into our own identity and relationships in the twenty-first century.
Author Bio
Russ Resnik is a veteran rabbi, teacher, counselor, and writer, who also maintains credentials as a clinical mental health counselor. Russ has an international teaching ministry, contributes regularly to Messianic Jewish publications and websites, and is the author of Gateways to Torah, Creation to Completion, and Divine Reversal: The Transforming Ethics of Jesus. Russ and his wife, Jane, have four children and seven grandchildren, and live in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where he leads Adonai Ro i chavurah.