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Kabbalah vol 53

336 pages
Cherub Press

Studies in English

Daniel Abrams: Dismantling the Author and His Work – Toward a Genealogy of the Texts which Comprise R. Ezra of Gerona's 'Secret of the Tree of Knowledge'

Daniel Abrams: The Secret of Illicit Relations — An Unknown Secret by Jacob ben Jacob ha-Kohen (Text, Translation and Commentary)

Jonatan Meir: Hasidic Tales in Eighteenth-Century Tripoli

Studies in Hebrew

Shlomo Zucker: A Letter Sent from Safed by R. David Ibn Zimra to Isaac Luria in Egypt

Avishai Bar-Asher: The Punctiform Deity: Theological Debates among the Masters of Niqqud in the Works of R. Joseph Gikatilla's 'Disciples'

Tzahi Weiss: David Kimchi in Isaac the Blind's Letter: One More Comment on Isaac the Blind's Letter to Nahmanides and Jonah Gerondi

Chen Mandel-Edrei and Yehudah Dov Ber Zirkind: Charting a Literary History of Hasidic Aesthetics: R. Mordechai Landau's Lost Collection of Stories and its Transformation into the Writing of History and Sermons

Roee Goldschmidt: Sevi Elimelekh of Dynow's Reasons for the Commandments: Derekh Piqudekha — Kabbalah, Halakhah, Pilpul and Talmudic Erudition

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