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Vera's Journey

Judy Yoder

717 pages
Vision Publishers Llc
“Our family thoroughly enjoyed your family story! We love to read and are very grateful for books with good moral and historical lessons. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.” -This was written on a card received from a reader living in Pennsylvania. Many have said that it reads like a storybook. “At 707 pages, ‘Vera’s Journey’ is extensive but reads like a storybook, rich in description and history, with photos along the way. The book also has an area map, recipe cards, and Ralph and Vera’s family trees. ‘Vera’s Journey’ takes a historical look at the matriarch of a Mennonite family living in the [Shenandoah} Valley [of Virginia].” - A quote taken from A Life Fulfilled featured on the front page of the Saturday Magazine published each Saturday by the Daily News-Record authored by Jacquelyn Walsh, August 29, 2009. You may read the story on line at dnronline.com. Vera’s Journey is about relationships in family, church, and community. It is also a history of bygone years, of suffering and triumph. Some people grow grouchy and irritable as they grow older. Not so with Vera. She grew old gracefully. Complaining was not her way. She learned in some of the most difficult experiences of life to trust God. Once when asked if she fears death she gave a typical, careful response, “The unknown is before me.” Vera’s life was unusual and yet very normal. What makes Vera’s story so riveting is the combination of longevity and uniqueness mixed with pain and triumph. The final triumph came when God granted her request to take her home. Her parting was a most sacred moment as gathered family members observed her passing. It seemed she moved from one would to the next without a noticeable transition. There was a complete absence of struggle, a serene calmness. Her trust in God was profoundly evident in that defining moment.
Author Bio
Judy Yoder resides in Floyd County of Virginia. She is married to David and together they have four sons, one daughter, and also grandchildren. One of her great loves is teaching. She teaches in the Christian Day School. Judy has authored two books previous to “Vera’s Journey.” Her first was “Valley of My Heart,” a Christian novel set in the Civil War that ravaged the Shenandoah Valley. Her second was a story from her childhood, “Millie’s Christmas Surprise.” She has written a number of pieces that were published in newspapers and periodicals.