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Where Ravens Circle

300 pages
Malcolm Down Publishing Ltd
In 991, Vikings sail up the Blackwater Estuary and attack Maldon in Essex. Inside the church of St Mary the Virgin, a priest and a group of women anxiously await the outcome of the battle. In 1979, Dr Emma Stuart, a genealogist in London, is asked by a client from Denmark to trace a Viking ancestor who may have participated in the invasion. An eleventh century whetstone found on his farm has a puzzling inscription. She is intrigued and decides to investigate. Then, when her mother inherits a sixteenth century house in Norwich from an unknown relative, Emma’s research begins to suggest possible links to her own past, links that began in a church at the Battle of Maldon.
Author Bio
Gaynor Lynn Taylor ==================

Gaynor likes combining facts, fiction and faith by researching historical characters and bringing them to life. Although familiar with official and informative documents, she undertook an M.A. at Sheffield Hallam to learn about creative writing. This is her third novel. Gaynor lives in Derbyshire with her husband and helps out in his busy accountancy practice.