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1 Corinthians

J Riddle

384 pages
John Ritchie Ltd
John Riddle is well-known throughout the United Kingdom and further afield as a very gifted Bible teacher. For many years, he has conducted a Friday evening Bible Class in Cheshunt. Those who have been able to attend this Bible Class have been blessed richly - and others are now able to get the benefit as well. Notes from these meetings have been reproduced as commentaries, the latest of which is 1 Corinthians. The style of these commentaries is easy to read and will appeal to new christians and younger people, but will offer a great resource for all ages. Whilst it is not a “word by word” in depth commentary, those looking for a good outline and overview of 1st Corinthians will find this very helpful. 1 Corinthians deals primarily with local church problems and this commentary looks very practically at why these problems arose and how we can apply them to our lives today.​
Author Bio
John Riddle was born into a Christian family in North London, and became a Christian at the age of 13,and Baptised at the age of 15. Throughout his business life he was employed by shipping companies,latterly as a pension fund manager. On early retirement in 1989 he undertook part-time consultative work for many years,He travels widely,principally in the British Isles,conducting Bible Readings and ministering the Word of God,and contributes to Bible teaching magazines​