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Aesthetic Facial Reconstruction After Mohs Surgery

Salvatore Pacella Mark A Codner

225 pages
Jp Medical

Mohs surgery is now regarded as the most effective treatment choice for patients with skin cancer, the microscopic nature of the procedure allowing for extremely targeted removal of cancerous tissue. However it demands precise reconstructive skills of the surgeon to ensure optimum aesthetic and functional results.  

Aesthetic Facial Reconstruction After Mohs Surgery provides comprehensive guidance on the repair of soft tissue defects of the face after Mohs surgery. After a brief review of the Mohs technique and of the histologic variations in different skin cancers, the book systematically covers all facial regions explaining how to optimize the aesthetic outcome of tissue reconstruction.  Each chapter includes examples of the most commonly seen Mohs defects with detailed pre-operative, intra-operative, and post-operative photographs as well as illustrations and text which will guide the surgeon through each step of the reconstruction. An accompanying DVD highlights key operative details.

  • Must-have resource for all clinicians who treat skin cancer patients using Mohs surgery: depending on market this includes dermatologic, facial plastic and plastic surgeons with a secondary market that includes histotechnicians and assisting nurses
  • Lavishly illustrated with over 400 colour clinical photos, many of which feature anatomic overlays to help the surgeon visualize and navigate three dimensional anatomic structures
Author Bio

Salvatore Pacella MD MBA FACS
Division Head of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Scripps Clinic & Research Institute, San Diego, California, USA

Mark A Codner MD FACS
Clinical Assistant Professor of Plastic Surgery, Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia, USA