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Is God Pink? Dying to Heal

Mary Jo Rapini Mary Harper

128 pages
Bayou Publishing
A psychotherapist recounts her near-death experience from a sudden, unexpected brain aneurysm. Weaving in observations from years of service on an oncology unit she provides insight for health care professionals on how to treat patients facing death.
Author Bio
MARY JO RAPINI, M.Ed., LPC is featured on TLC's popular series, Big Medicine and is host of The Mary Jo Show on local TV. She is an intimacy and sex counselor, certified anger management therapist, popular national speaker, and sought-after television personality. A mom with two daughters, her passion is helping all girls become strong women. Mary Harper, a retired licensed social worker and previous president of the Fibromyalgia Association of Houston, Inc., is currently writing a memoir about growing up with blind parents. Mary lives in Houston, TX.