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Breast Cancer

No One Chose This Journey: A Tribute

Fran Padgett

104 pages
Bayou Publishing
This book is a tribute to all courageous women who faced breast cancer in their lives. A collection of stories of women from all over the world, Padgett combines these tales to form an inspirational book. Each chapter holds stories from all different perspectives. Some are telling the story for a friend or a relative. Some share the stories they are living. Husband and sons, too, get to share memories of those they loved. Also included are many of the pieces from Padgett’s Gift of Time series, inspirational works of art that represent the women whose stories fill the pages. No One Chose This Journey offers hope for all of those who have dealt with breast cancer.
Author Bio
“I’ll be a breast cancer survivor when I die of something else. In the meantime, I expect to be alive every day in every sense of the word." Fran Padgett, a gifted artist and original thinker, was jolted into a different career when she received her diagnosis of cancer in both breasts requiring bilateral mastectomy. Thus began a series of books with art and essays capturing the world of breast cancer. The first book, No One Wrote A Manual, showcased her paintings with essays of her personal viewpoint and won several awards in art and health categories, including “Most Life Changing,” Benjamin Franklin Silver, and Book of the Year Finalist. She also founded the Weathervane Foundation to support breast cancer research and was awarded the BMW 2005 Houston Hero Award for her dedication to breast cancer cause. Her exhibit, Sunrise to Sunrise, the first of very emotional self-portraits painted after her breast cancer diagnosis, was exhibited at J. Matthias Galleries in Houston, Texas in October 2002 and her commissioned Gift of Time series is sought by private collectors and museums all over the United States. A portion of the sale of each book goes to the Weathervane Foundation.