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300+ Sizzling Icebreakers

Blair Mundell Michael Puffett

160 pages
SPCK Group
A splendid collection of daft and entertaining things to do to help a youth event, an evening meeting or a day away start with a swing or even a bang. Includes 15 more serious 'themed evenings' and six quizzes. Sample ideas: Find different ways of bursting a balloon Human maggot racing, with sleeping bags Ape, Hunter, Lady (like scissors, paper, stone, but different actions) - The Ape is killed by the Hunter, the Hunter swoons to the Lady, and the Ape takes the Lady away! Michael Puffett is rapidly getting a reputation among British churches for his vision as a church planter and Christian businessman. These icebreakers speak clearly of his infectious enthusiasm for life and faith.
Author Bio
Michael Puffett is the leader of the Jubilee Centre in Maidstone which in the space of a few years has started a church, several colleges and anumber of local businesses, all with a strong Christian ethos.