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All One in Christ Jesus

David Coffey

160 pages
SPCK Group
A church united in truth and mission could be much more fruitful in serving th Lord. Jesus prayed that all his disciples would be one... and yet we are a long way from that. It appears that divisions within the evangelical world are hardening, with many of us going to those conferences, listening to those speakers and reading those books and newspapers which will simply confirm us within our tribal divisions - and we are increasingly neglecting our God-given responsibility to seek for unity. David Coffey has worked across the tribes for many years, and in this book he calls on all evangelicals to be prepared to pull down their barriers and to reach out to each other, for the sake of reaching this needy nation with the gospel.
Author Bio
David Coffey has been an ordained Baptist Minister with the Baptist Union of Great Britain since 1967. A graduate of Spurgeon's College, London, he served as Pastor of three English churches: Whetstone, Leicester; North Cheam, Sutton; and Upton Vale, Torquay. He was President of the Baptist Union of Great Britain 1986-87 and in the same period published a book Build That Bridge which is a study in conflict and reconciliation in church life. He served for three years as National Director of Evangelism for the Baptists (1988-91) prior to being appointed as the General Secretary of the Union in 1991. After fifteen years he retired from this ministry in July 2006. David served as President of the European Baptist Federation (1997-99) and at the Baptist World Congress in July 2005 he was elected as BWA President from 2005 - 2010. In 2003 he was elected until 2007 as the Moderator of the Free Churches Group to represent the nineteen Free Church denominations in England. In this capacity he also serves as one of the four Presidents of Churches Together in England alongside the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster and a representative of the Orthodox churches. He has a strong commitment to preaching and bible teaching and has published a commentary on Romans in The Crossway Bible Guide series and All One In Christ Jesus: A Passionate Appeal For Evangelical Unity (Authentic)