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How To Date Furniture

An Easy Reference Guide

Trevor Yorke

64 pages
Countryside Books

This illustrated, easy reference guide is packed with all the information you need to help you date English furniture and bring its history to life.

The book looks at many different furniture types, showing how form, style and the types of wood used changed from the Tudor period through to the Art Deco years of the 1930s.

It highlights key details, what to look for when dating furniture, and introduces significant furniture designers and their importance. There's also a look at how changes in English society and fashion resulted in the introduction of specific pieces.

The book should appeal to those who love antique shows on TV, and looking round antique shops and country houses, but would like to know more about furniture and the stories behind it.

Author Bio
Trevor Yorke is an experienced artist and author who specialises in period architecture. His work includes numerous related books, including How To Date Buildings, Georgian and Regency Houses Explained and How To Attack A Castle - And How To Defend It.