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Bomber Command

The Victoria Cross Raids

Martyn Chorlton

192 pages
Countryside Books

The crews of Bomber Command are often described as the bravest of the brave.

They knew the risks. Night after night they flew into the dark and smoke-filled skies of the continent. The odds on them returning safely were frighteningly low.

They had youth on their side: the average age was 22. Their motto was 'Press On Regardless'. No less than 23 Victoria Crosses were won by men from Bomber Command. This book tells the story of the actions behind those awards.

Some, such as Guy Gibson, are already legendary heroes. Others, such as Hughie Edwards, are less well known. Edwards led a near suicidal daylight raid on the docks at Bremen in 1941. Only eight aircraft survived and all these were badly damaged by flak. The chimney pot height they had flown at was witnessed by the telegraph wires still wrapped around one plane's rear wheel.

This book is a testament to all those who flew with Bomber Command, which lost 55,000 of its members during the war.

Author Bio
Martyn Chorlton is an experienced writer on aviation history. His books include the much-acclaimed RAF Pathfinders and Bomber Command series.