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Tracing the History of Houses

Trevor Yorke

128 pages
Countryside Books
All houses have a history to tell and the fascination with period properties is not confined to country houses with grand estates. Whether town, mansion or country cottage, old houses are equally worthy of pride and interest in their past.Tracing the History of Houses shows how to obtain an approximate dating of a house from the physical and visual evidence, including its location, the materials used in construction, and styles, both exterior and interior. It also shows how to spot changes that have taken place to windows and doors, as well as more substantial extensions and alterations in older properties.The second section in the book lists the various sources of information which can help with dating the age of a house, as well as learning about those who may have lived in it. There is also a time chart with illustrations of key changes to house styles, a list of useful websites and a detailed glossary.Filled with illustrations in both colour and black and white, this is an invaluable guide that will be equally useful at home and in the car.
Author Bio
Trevor Yorke is a respected author on Britain’s architectural past. His other fully illustrated books in this series include British Architectural Styles—An Easy Reference Guide, The Victorian House Explained and English Castles Explained.