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The Industrial Revolution Explained

Steam, Sparks & Massive Wheels

Stan Yorke

128 pages
Countryside Books
The English Industrial Revolution was a triumph of ingenuity and invention. New sources of power, better manufacturing methods and expanding transport systems brought fantastic changes affecting every walk of life. Man and machine worked side by side to produce iron, coal and cotton cloth on a scale never before imagined. In this easy-to-follow and carefully researched book, Stan Yorke explains the machines and processes that helped to create our industrial world, using drawings and diagrams by his son, Trevor. Four major industrial areas are examined: the waterwheel as a source of power in mills and foundries; the steam engine which made power available to a variety of manufacturing industries; the mechanisation of textile production making cloth for all a reality; and iron, which revolutionised bridge construction and made the railways possible. There are now over 500 museums related to industry in the British Isles and information on where to find them is contained in the book.
Author Bio
Stan Yorke is a writer and retired engineer, with a particular interest in historic machinery. His books include English Canals Explained, Steam Engines Explained and Steam Railways Explained.