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Bridges Explained

What They Do and How They Work

Trevor Yorke

160 pages
Countryside Books
Bridges are the keys to communication and transport. But though functional, they also have an aesthetic and environmental value. Graceful and spectacular, they evoke a wide range of emotions. Yet few have visitor centres and the public’s obvious questions—such as how they were built; what a particular part does; why they don't fall down—are not often answered in simple terms. In this book, Trevor Yorke uses diagrams, drawings and photographs to explain the basic principals of their construction and style. It divides into five sections—the first is a general background; then it discusses the arched bridges; then come other, later forms of bridge; fourthly viaducts and aqueducts; finally a quck reference guide with a list of bridges to visit. The book will certainly expand your knowledge of bridges and hopefully leave you with a greater appreciation of them.
Author Bio
Trevor Yorke is a full time author and artist. His books include English Churches Explained; English Castles Explained; and British Architectural Styles.