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The English Village Explained

Britain's Living History

Trevor Yorke

128 pages
Countryside Books
English villages conjure up rural harmony and a history of happy communities woven into the broader pageant of England’s past. But each of them has a different story to tell, and it is usually a vibrant and an interesting one—a long way from those histories that become mere lists of changing lords of the manor. Trevor Yorke, using his own colour illustrations and photographs, describes the changes that took place over the centuries, both through the buildings and the occupations of the people who lived and worked in them. So much of this change is still visible and, with a few directions and hints, you can learn to spot the clues by dating buildings and recognizing features in and around the villages today. The knowledge gained from this book will make each visit to a new village one of discovery, besides acting as an introduction to tracing the history of your own village.
Author Bio
Trevor Yorke is a full-time writer and designer. His books include 'Timber Framed Buildings Explained', The Country House Explained' and 'British Architectural Styles'.