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Application and Optimization of the Galvano-Coagulator Process To Heavy Metal Waste Streams

T. P. Driscoll J. Kapturauskas

38 pages
IWA Publishing
The galvano-coagulator is a technology developed in the former Soviet Union in the 1980s. The major feature of the technology is that it appears to be an effective process in hexavalent chromium reduction, with none of the elaborate technology and expensive chemicals required of conventional chrome reduction methods. The technology has also been applied to lead, arsenic and cyanide.The Moscow-based galvano-coagulator manufacturer, O/V Licensintorg, is unclear on the precise mechanism for chromium reduction, and has given unacceptably broad guidelines for designing and operating the units. The described research was intended to identify the mechanism for chromium reduction, and to determine the variables that determine its proper sizing and operating parameters.