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Waste Gas Treatment for Resource Recovery

Piet Lens C. Kennes P. le Cloirec M. Deshusses

512 pages
IWA Publishing
The prevention of over-exploitation and the efficient use of natural resources are key goals of environmental managment in Industry. Waste Gas Treatment for Resource Recovery presents the reader with technical, ecological and economical aspects of gaseous effluent treatment and resource recovery. Practical experience from industry and agriculture is presented, the role of newly developed advanced technology in future recycling of gas streams discussed and attention given to criteria for sustainability in gas treatment. Detailed analysis of material flows, novel process applications and bioreactor designs, odour quantification and removal process techniques and European legislations for waste gas discharge and recovery are highlights of the extensive and comprehensive coverage of this book. Waste Gas Treatment for Resource Recovery will enable production, process and environmental engineers and managers to evaluate internal recycling possibilities, which contribute to an economically and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes with reduced pollution loads and waste gas volumes. Analysis of material flows, e.g. the development of methodologies and techniques to monitor the use and flow of materials on a life cycle basis Novel process applications and bioreactor designs for resource recovery from waste gases Odour quantification techniques and novel odour removal processes European dimension of polluted gas streams and the European legislation for waste gas discharges and recovery