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Digital Medieval Studies—Experimentation and Innovation

187 pages
Amsterdam University Press

While the tale of Roberto Busa and the Index Thomisticus has become an origin myth for Digital Medieval Studies, less attention has been paid to the critical role of the World Wide Web as a platform and impetus for this digital turn. This volume focuses on early Medieval Studies research created with, operating through, and dependent upon the internet itself, profiling ground-breaking projects that define the genres of internet-based scholarship we now take for granted, including sourcebooks, searchable databases, digital editions and corpora, and born-digital medieval scholarship. The collection reveals how internet-based products rely upon and support a more collaborative model of research, teaching, and learning in Medieval Studies than the more individualistic, discrete one that defined earlier work in the field. 

Author Bio
Sean Gilsdorf =============

Sean Gilsdorf is Lecturer on Medieval Studies at Harvard University. His research addresses the religious and political history of the early Middle Ages. He is the editor (with Laura Morreale) of Digital Medieval Studies—Practice and Preservation (Arc Humanities Press, 2022).

Laura K. Morreale =================

Laura Morreale is an Independent Scholar whose research addresses late medieval Italy and the Mediterranean world. She has chaired the Medieval Academy of America’s Committee on Digital Humanities, and is Editor-in-Chief of Digital Medievalist.