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A Place For God

Navigating Timeless Questions for our Modern Times.

Pete Nicholas Timothy Keller

160 pages
SPCK Group

Where are you?

Today, your favourite maps app will give you your location down to a greater level of detail than ever before. But do you really feel like you know where you are?

Major cultural shifts over the past generation have left us feeling disorientated; constant connection has left us feeling dislocated. And many of us are searching for something we can’t seem to find. Could the problem be that we have lost a place for God?

Pete Nicholas invites you to explore the big questions asked by each generation from those of origin and identity to happiness and hope, arguing that by reinstating God’s centrality in our lives we can find a sense of rootedness, peace and the answers we’ve been looking for.

Featuring a foreword by Timothy Keller, author, speaker and church leader.

Author Bio
Pete Nicholas is a pastor at Inspire Saint James Clerkenwell church in London and the author of Virtually Human: Flourishing in a Digital World (IVP) and Five Things to Pray for your City (The Good Book Company). After studying Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Oxford University, Pete went on to achieve a Masters in Industrial Relations and a Diploma in Theology (also at Oxford). He is a regular speaker at events and university missions around the country, writes a regular column for Evangelicals Now and is a blog writer for Redeemer City to City (New York) and Christians in Sport, where he also serves as a trustee.