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The Sustainable Project Manager

Constructing the water systems of the future

272 pages
IWA Publishing
As our planet faces increasing challenges from sustainability-related crises such as droughts, floods and deteriorating water quality, the demand for resilient and eco-intelligent water systems has never been more pressing. This book is a much-needed guide for professionals in the water sector exploring how to navigate the intersections between sustainability, leadership, and project management. It is an essential blueprint for professionals ready to reshape the future of water. Equipped with decades of cumulative expertise in project management and environmental sustainability, the authors present a comprehensive framework for leading complex water-related projects with a commitment to making enduring contributions to the future of the water industry everywhere. This manual provides essential knowledge and fosters an appreciation for water stewardship and sustainability, emphasising the delicate balance between human needs and natural water ecosystem needs. Through a series of exercises, readers are encouraged to reflect on their project management practices and develop a personal leadership philosophy grounded in sustainability. The book offers practical strategies for systematic project execution suited for real-world applicability. It enables readers to foster cohesive team dynamics and achieve remarkable outcomes through co-creative work. The responsibility for pro-active handling of current and future sustainability crises lies to a great extent with water professionals. This book is a ‘call to action’ to elevate your professional value and make a tangible, positive difference in the world. Join us on this journey towards a better, more sustainable future, one project at a time.