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Embracing Analytics in the Drinking Water Industry

450 pages
IWA Publishing
Analytics can support numerous aspects of water industry planning, management, and operations. Given this wide range of touchpoints and applications, it is becoming increasingly imperative that the championship and capability of broad-based analytics needs to be developed and practically integrated to address the current and transitional challenges facing the drinking water industry. Analytics will contribute substantially to future efforts to provide innovative solutions that make the water industry more sustainable and resilient. The purpose of this book is to introduce analytics to practicing water engineers so they can deploy the covered subjects, approaches, and detailed techniques in their daily operations, management, and decision-making processes. Also, undergraduate students as well as early graduate students who are in the water concentrations will be exposed to established analytical techniques, along with many methods that are currently considered to be new or emerging/maturing. This book covers a broad spectrum of water industry analytics topics in an easy-to-follow manner. The overall background and contexts are motivated by (and directly drawn from) actual water utility projects that the authors have worked on numerous recent years. The authors strongly believe that the water industry should embrace and integrate data-driven fundamentals and methods into their daily operations and decision-making process(es) to replace established “rule-of-thumb” and weak heuristic approaches – and an analytics viewpoint, approach, and culture is key to this industry transformation.