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Environmental Technologies to Treat Selenium Pollution

Principles and Engineering

Piet Lens Kannan Pakshirajan

400 pages
IWA Publishing
Selenium contamination of air, aquatic environments, soils and sediments is a serious environmental concern of increasing importance. Selenium has a paradoxical feature in bringing about health benefits under the prescribed level, but only a few fold increase in its concentration causes deleterious effects to flora and fauna, humans and the environment. Environmental Technologies to Treat Selenium Pollution: principles and engineering: - presents the fundamentals of the biogeochemical selenium cycle and which imbalances in this cycle result in pollution. - overviews chemical and biological technologies for successful treatment of selenium contaminated water, air, soils and sediments. - explores the recovery of value-added products from selenium laden waste streams, including biofortication and selenium based nanoparticles and quantum dots. This book may serve both as an advanced textbook for undergraduate and graduate students majoring in environmental sciences, technology or engineering as well as a handbook for tertiary educators, researchers, professionals and policy makers who conduct research and practices in selenium related fields. It is essential reading for consulting companies when dealing with selenium related environmental (bio)technologies.