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Tao Te Ching

Slip-cased Edition

Lao Tzu

160 pages
Arcturus Publishing Limited
The Tao Te Ching came into existence some 2500 years ago, since when it has become the most influential text of Eastern philosophy. Best translated as The Classic of the Way and its Power (or Virtue), its teachings are of simplicity, humility and 'non-action', and its cadenced poetry is at once spare and profound. This beautiful gift edition is highly illustrated with eastern art and will delight recipients. Beautifully illustrated with more than 100 full color images. Simple, reflective text that has a message for everyone about life. Silk bound with foil blocking in a beautifully finished gift slipcase.
Author Bio
According to tradition, Lao Tzu (an honorific title, meaning 'Old Master') was a contemporary of Confucius and the father of Taoism in the 6th Century BC. Many modern scholars, however, doubt his existence and contend that the Tao Te Ching was the work of several authors. Translator John H. Macdonald studied several different versions of the Tao Te Ching in an attempt to find consensus between them and determine the literal meaning of the original.