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The Essence of Rumi

John Baldock

240 pages
Arcturus Publishing Limited
Get drunk on Love, for Love is all that exists. Unless you make Love your business, you will not be admitted to the Beloved. (Divan-i Shams-i Tabriz 455:A1:54) The thirteenth-century saint Jalaluddin Rumi has been called the greatest mystical poet of any age, and his work compared to that of Dante and Shakespeare. Over a period of 25 years he composed over 70,000 verses of poetry on the subjects of divine love, mystic passion and ecstatic illumination. Rumi was also a master story-teller, as this comprehensive exploration of his work so rewardingly reveals. Primarily an introduction to Rumi and the path of self-surrender, it is arranged in such a way that it guides the reader from the poet's outer, historical world to the inner, spiritual essence of his teaching. The Essence of Rumi offers us the opportunity to overcome the limitations of our human view of the world and transform our sensory eye into the poet's all-seeing Ocean of Reality.
Author Bio
Having initially trained as a painter and art teacher; John Baldock spent several years in France, during which time he studied the history of art of the Ecole Du Louvre in Paris.On his return to England, John taught art history, eventually leaving teaching to complete a book exploring spiritual the aspects of religious symbolism. His experience as a freelance editor and editorial consultant for a mind, body and spirit publisher has given John the opportunity to pursue his interest in the spiritual core of mainstream religions.He has given talk throughout Europe, and the USA on this and related subjects; he has also studied the world's various religious traditions in some depth.