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All That Glitters

She escaped, into a trap

Les Cowan

304 pages
SPCK Group

"A unique combination of spiritual journey and fast-paced crime. Very mature writing; an outstanding achievement." - Ron Ferguson, author and columnist
It was a trap. Her dream had been to escape Belarus for a new life in the West, but in Edinburgh the dream becomes a nightmare. Now the choice is simple. Comply or die.
Meanwhile, Pastor David Hidalgo's mind is reeling with too many things that don't add up. Accounts showing millions that shouldn't be there. A trusted friend dead, with illegal files on his computer. A grieving widow convinced her husband was framed.
Could there be a connection between people trafficking, a new church that isn't all it appears to be and a financial investigator who got too close?
David and Tati's worlds are about to collide. Will either escape unscathed?

Author Bio
Les Cowan has lived in Madrid, Edinburgh and Galicia all of which are locations brought to life in writing his suspenseful David Hidalgo series. He studied English Language and Literature and has worked in the criminal justice system. Les is a member of the Crime Writers Association.