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Mina Mistry Investigates: The Case of the Bicycle Thief

Angie Lake Ellie O'Shea

240 pages
Sweet Cherry Publishing Llc

Book 3 in the laugh-out-loud detective series - printed with fun coloured sprayed edges!

Stolen bicycles? Days before the new skate park opens? This needs investigating.
This looks like a case for Mina Mistry.

Summer is here, school is out and there’s ... nothing to do?! Since grown-ups invaded the skating rink, there’s nowhere for Mina’s friends to hang out. Luckily, a high-stakes competition is about to mark the opening of a new skate park.

As everyone gets weirdly intense about it, Mina faces a string of mysteries. Who stole her cousins’ new bikes? What does Gareth Trumpshaw want? And who keeps levitating past her window?

About the Mina Mistry Investigates series:
Introducing Mina Mistry, witty schoolgirl detective and soon-to-be Private Investigator.
Mina Mistry Investigates is a fun detective series packed with comic-style illustrations and mystery-solving throughout.
Great for reluctant readers aged 7+ and fans of the Planet Omar and Anisha, Accidental Detective series.

Author Bio

Angie Lake is a freelance writer with a background in the Spanish music industry. Born in the UK and raised on the Spanish Costa Blanca, Angie travelled extensively. She studied Psychology in Barcelona and began her writing career in the Spanish national music press. Angie also writes novels and children’s fiction.