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Constructed Wetlands for Pollution Control

Robert H. Kadlec R. Knight J. Vymazal H. Brix P. Cooper R. Haberl

156 pages
IWA Publishing
The book presents a comprehensive up-to-date survey of wetland design techniques and operational experience from treatment wetlands.  This book is the first and only global synthesis of information related to constructed treatment wetlands. Types of constructed wetlands, major design parameters, role of vegetation, hydraulic patterns, loadings, treatment efficiency, construction, operation and maintenance costs are discussed in depth. History of the use of constructed wetlands and case studies from various parts of the world are included as well.  Constructed Wetlands for Pollution Control will be indispensable for wastewater treatment researchers and designers, decision makers in public authorities, wetland engineers, environmentalists and landscape ecologists.  Contents Biological methods for the treatment of wastewaters                   Types of constructed wetland                   Aplications of the technology                    Framework for interpreting and predicting water quality improvement                    Mechanisms and results for water quality improvement                   Design                    Plants and planting                    System start-up                    Economics                    Case studies   Scientific and Technical Report No.8