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Assessment of Treatment Plant Performance and Water Quality Data

A Guide for Students, Researchers and Practitioners

Marcos Von Sperling Matthew E. Verbyla Sílvia M. A. C. Oliveira

200 pages
IWA Publishing
Assessment of Treatment Plant Performance and Water Quality Data provides practical indications on how to undertake performance evaluation of water and wastewater treatment units, processes, and plants, using math and statistics as a tool. The objective is to approach the concepts based on the needs and challenges associated with treatment plant performance evaluation, and to use simple language to describe the mathematical calculations and statistical analyses that can be used for this purpose. Written primarily for graduate level students, the concepts and applications will be presented from practice to theory in a simplified and practical way, thus making the book equally beneficial to practitioners and policy-makers, who may have a limited background in math and statistics. Postdoctoral scientists and professors will also find it useful if they are involved in research projects that comprise the assessment of treatment performance.