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Conducting Effective Community Outreach and Dialogue on Biosolids Land Application

Primer for Biosolids Professionals

Sara Eggers

68 pages
IWA Publishing
Purpose of this Primer: Based on research and experience acquired through this project and from related industries, WERF and the researchers recommend adopting a systematic, science-based approach to building and conducting effective outreach and dialogue with key stakeholders. 

The Strategic Risk Communications Process  offers a useful approach for developing strategies and communications that focus on people’s decision making and behavior. It has been adapted specifically for this purpose. This Primer provides step-by-step guidance on how to apply that Process to design, conduct and evaluate your dialogue and outreach efforts.  

The purpose of the Primer is to give biosolids professionals and others the tools they need to effectively implement the Process. It provides:  
  • Basic guidance on the principles of risk communications
  • The Strategic Risk Communications Process – instruction on the tasks and tools to use in each Step
  • Case study examples illustrating how the Process was used to support two teams of biosolids professionals
  • Prototypical risk communications plans and tools that biosolids professionals can customize