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Odours in Wastewater Treatment

Richard M. Stuetz Franz-Bernd Frechen

454 pages
IWA Publishing
Wastewater treatment works have the potential to generate unpleasant odours, which can results in annoyance and consequently have a detrimental effect on a local population. As a result 'odour control and prevention' has become an important consideration both in the management of existing facilities and in the design and gaining of planning consent for new works. Odours in Wastewater Treatment provides readers with a detailed discussion on the basic principles involved in the formation of volatile compounds in wastewater treatment.  Accounts are given of recent developments in the sampling and measurement of odours, practical examples in the prediction and dispersion of odorous emissions are offered and an overview of the technologies currently used to contain and treat odorous compounds presented. Contents Introduction                          Odours associated with wastewater treatment  Odour sampling and measurement Assessment and prediction of nuisance odours Odour control and treatment