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Sveinung Saegrov

162 pages
IWA Publishing
CARE-S presents the result of an extensive EU project, Computer Aided Rehabilitation of Sewer and Storm Water Networks. The projects developed a complete management system for sewer and storm water assets, including methods and software. It comprises methods and models for the three levels necessary of management, namely the long-term planning, the project ranking and the technology selection. The results of a comprehensive testing of CARE-S in representative European cities are also included in the book. Long-term planning relies on state-of-the-art description, judgement of future service-life and available measurements, including CCTV. This information is handled in tools for Performance Indicators, network condition prediction and investment needs. Project ranking is conducted by an elimination system and includes analysis by tools for structural condition, hydraulic performance and customer requirements. The system identifies projects that can be included within actual budget limits. Selection of appropriate technologies relies on a comprehensive database for renovation and repair techniques and their properties, applied into the conditions of the single projects. The purpose of this book is to present a new generation management system of sewer and storm water assets. Due to ageing systems and increasing demands to these networks, and the complexity of systems and problems, advanced management systems are necessary to secure an optimal use of limited resources for repair, maintenance and renewal. In the future, management should be based on solid objective information given by computer programs and databases, and judged by professional management engineers. The market for modern urban water network management including software and consulting services is expected to increase substantially during the coming years. This is the first book to consider a complete management system for sewer and storm water assets. The book presents a system that will improve the cost-effectiveness of sewer and storm water assets by at least 10%. The book presents the methodology and software for modern maintenance and renewal of wastewater networks.