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Integrated Water Meter Management

F. Arregui Enrique Cabrera Jr R. Cobacho

286 pages
IWA Publishing
Water meters are the cornerstone of commercial systems for water utilities throughout the world; revenue is directly derived from the, figures provided by meters. Despite this, little attention has been paid, in terms of selection, replacement period and return on investment, to the management and optimization of water meters. 

Integrated Water Meter Management is a comprehensive reference for engineers and managers alike, providing: in-depth technical information allowing the true nature and behaviour of meters to be understood; a comprehensive review and comparison of relevant global water meter technologies - a useful tool to help decide which water meter is best for your utility; discussion of key decisions concerning the use of water meters (when to replace them, which one to use, how to control their quality) from a managerial perspective. Integrated Water Meter Management is an invaluable resource for those involved in urban water management, including water utility managers, engineering technical staff, operations and maintenance specialists, meter-reading personnel and scientific researchers in this discipline.