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Research Roadmap

Towards an Economic Decision Methodology for Remaining Asset Life

David Marlow Anthony Urquhart

70 pages
IWA Publishing
Available as eBook only.

This report is an output of the fourth research track (Track 4) of WERF’s strategic asset management research program ‘Asset Management Communication and Implementation’ (RFPP #06-SAM-1 CO). Track 4 was developed to address ‘remaining asset life’, with the overall objective of contributing to the development of techniques, tools and methods for estimating residual life of wastewater assets. Track 4 research was planned to be undertaken in a staged manner, so as to provide a stepwise development of concepts and protocols. 

To this end, the research team previously produced a synthesis of knowledge in relation to “end of life” and “remaining asset life”. This report builds on this material and presents a road map for building asset management capacity through the development of a practitioners guide to economic decision making.