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What You WON'T Find in Heaven

A Surprising Source of Hope

Stephen K. Moroney

144 pages
Lexham Press
This intriguing volume takes a different path to heaven. Rather than imaginatively guessing at what heaven will be like, or sorting through the problematic accounts of those who have supposedly been there, this work explores what the Bible teaches about what will not be there.What You Won't Find in Heaven is filled with hope by contrasting everyday life now and future life in heaven. It explores how heavenly life will indeed be blissful because of what is missing.
Author Bio
Stephen K. Moroney (Ph.D., Duke University) is Professor of Theology at Malone University, where he has taught since 1992. He has been recognized with university-wide distinguished faculty awards for teaching and scholarship. Dr. Moroney is the author of several professional journal articles and two books, including God of Love and God of Judgment and The Noetic Effects of Sin: A Historical and Contemporary Exploration of How Sin Affects Our Thinking. He and his wife are members of Parkside Church in Green, Ohio, where he serves as an elder.