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Nicholas Quick and the Man from the Chaos Dimension

264 pages
Bushel & Peck Books

A hilarious, fantastical, middle-grade novel full of magic, hijinks, gangsters and a talking dog! Welcome to the world of Nicholas Quick! Full of guffaws, this book will get you rooting for the most unlikely team of magicians since Harry Potter.

When twelve-year-old boy Nicholas Quick and his parents try to run from gangsters, Nicholas is shocked to find himself left behind when their car just disappears. The last thing his parents tell him to do is to run, so he does…and is pursued by a pair of magical gangsters.

In his efforts to evade capture, Nicholas encounters Max, a private magical investigator who has lost his powers. Max agrees to help Nicholas and they embark on a non-stop, comedic adventure. This is the first of a series featuring Nicholas Quick and magical P.I. Max, as they work to stop the villainous Mr. Blackwell from destroying the world.