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Caves and Culture

10,000 Years of Ohio History

Linda B Spurlock Olaf H. Prufer Thomas R. Pigott

472 pages
The Kent State University Press

A collection of the last forty years of research on Ohio’s caves and rockshelters

Caves and Culture seeks to address a number of important problems, specifically the use of rockshelters by humans through time and transcontinental continuities. It presents new and updated, unreported research from such Ohio caves and rockshelters as Stow Rockshelter (Stow), Peters Cave (Ross County), Hendricks Cave (Wyandotte County), and Chesser Cave (Athens), among others.

Caves and Culture is primarily focused on the archaeological research of Dr. Olaf H. Prufer and his associates as they investigated and explored caves in Ohio since 1964. Spurlock and her co-editors report, sometimes reclaim, and frequently reinterpret data that will be useful to the understanding of Ohio archaeology for decades to come. Anyone with interest in local or regional (Midwestern or midcontinental) prehistory will appreciate this exploration into Ohio’s history.

Author Bio
Linda B. Spurlock is a biological anthropologist who specializes in forensic art and fossil reconstruction and who has also worked on many CRM archaeological projects in the northeastern United States. She is currently instructor of sciences at Stark State College in Ohio. Olaf H. Prufer is professor of anthropology at Kent State University. His other books include Archaic Transitions in Ohio and Kentucky Prehistory (Kent State University Press, 2001), Krill Cave: A Stratified Rockshelter in Summit County (Kent State University Press, 1989), and Ohio and Raven Rocks: A Specialized Late Woodland Rockshelter Occupation in Belmont County, Ohio (Kent State University Press, 1981). Thomas R. Pigott is an avocational archaeologist and the curator of the Sofsky Archives in Southington, Ohio. He created most of the images of artifacts illustrating this volume.