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Cradles of Conscience

Ohio's Independent Colleges and Universities

John William Oliver, Jr. James A. Hodges James H. O'Donnell

600 pages
The Kent State University Press
Because of its early history of westward expansion and its diverse population, Ohio is home to many independent institutions of higher education. They range from prestigious and richly endowed colleges and universities to local and regional ones that have well served their student populace over the decades.Cradles of Conscience is a collection of essays that relate the circumstances of the founding of 40 of these independent colleges and universities, recounts the history of each since its inception, and discusses how each has coped with modernization and how the pressures of the past 25 years have forced them to publicly evaluate and reassess their identities and missions.
Author Bio
Oliver is Emeritus Professor of History at Malone College in Canton.
O'Donnell is professor of history at Marietta College.
Hodges is the Michael O. Fisher Professor of History Emeritus from The College of Wooster.